Submarine Restaurant

This boat is a floating restaurant with a submarine view, which floats permanently when anchored either in a harbor or in sheltered waters; it may also navigate for short distances. In order to move from one location to another one it may be motorized or pulled by a towboat. It has been designed chiefly as a restaurant; meaning that it does not focus on hydrodynamics, yet is nevertheless shaped like a boat, with a bow and a stern. It stretches on three levels, water level, submarine level and upper bridge level. Passengers reach the water-line level through a gangway or ladder according to the level of berth. When embarking, passengers enter the reception area where a wide staircase leads them underwater. A studied choreography of lights and effects emphasizes the descent underwater. The dining saloon is an attraction in itself: the underwater environment; partly natural and partly faithfully recreated, combined with lights, colors, mirrors and wisely orchestrated effects make the place unique and unforgettable. The passengers┬┤ reaction of wonder will be deeply gratifying for us who imagined and conceived the boat and for those who own it.

The submarine view is assured by vast windows. Tables themselves have concave transparent parts, which allow fish to come close to passengers. Each table is provided with a button for fish feeding. Other transparent fish tanks are located in the ceiling. A containing net encloses the restaurant boat to grant the constant presence of fish and to host special species, like dolphins, sharks or even bigger ones. The saloon is divided into three areas with tables: those in the central area can be removed to create room for dancing or shows, the lateral tables are fixed with transparent parts. Two staircases reach the saloon, from bow and from stern; there are two emergency stairs as well.

On the water level: a reception area, a bar, kitchen, lavatories, office and other rooms for service. There is an external area provided with seats, tables and an electrically removable tent. The upper bridge can be reached through a staircase, there may be a small open bar and seats. It is partly covered with an electrically removable tent and furnished in cruise-style (padded seats, sofas...)

Technical Specifications:

  • LOA: 25 meters
  • Width: 10 meters
  • Draft: 2,00 meters
  • Material: Steel, fiberglass, stainless steel


    • Air conditioning
    • Anti-fire plant
    • Submarine containing net for fish
    • Submarine lighting plant for night vision