Our sea-bus is constructed for travelling short distances. It has a speed of 10-12 knots and a very simplistic design. Equipped with a total of 700 liters fuel capacity (350x2), our seabus is ready to carry 120 persons with its 2 x 220 Yanmar diesel engines. For further information please see the list of standard and optional equipments.

"Slow and very simple, only short distances and 120 passengers"

  • Building material: FRP (Fiberglas Reinforced Polyester)
  • Tender boat capacity: 120 pers.
  • Loa x Boa x H: 11,92 m x 4,70 m x 3,90 m
  • Weight (fully loaded as tender): 21.350 kg
  • Speed : 10-12 knots
  • Engine: 2 x 220 Hp Yanmar diesel engines
  • CO2 fire extinguishing system provided for each engine compartment
  • Propulsion: Materials: Brass propellers, Stainless steel shafts
  • Steering: Hydraulic, 2 x blade rudders connected by parallel stay
  • Rudder indicator at steering console
  • Fuel tanks: 2 x 350ltr. Material: Polyethylene
  • Fuel level gauges at steering console
  • Outside filling studs and venting
  • Water tanks: 2 x FRP water tanks with capacity acc. to rules
  • Water tanks are equipped with drain plugs
  • Equip./provision tanks: Tanks are integrated in the hull
  • Engine starter system: Electrical Battery: 4 x 12V 125 AH, Battery charger: 42 V AC / 12 V DC, Male/Female plug IP68
  • Lights: Search light, cabin lights and light in engine rooms
  • Signal mast with navigation lights according to rules
  • Hatches: Two large tarpaulin doors each side for embarkation
  • One door in each end of the boat for access to lifting hooks
  • One hatch over helmsman
  • Windows: Tinted windows, fitted each side of the cabin and forward and aft. Front windows in steering tower have wipers
  • Fender: Rubber fender around the gunwale and heavy duty fender at a lower level of the parallel midship body
  • Skates: 2 off - for protection/guide during lowering
  • Material: Neoprene blocks with aluminium plate
  • Lifeline: Fitted each side between the fender and waterline
  • Bilge system: Self-draining cabin deck
  • One electrical bilge pump is installed in each engine room and equipped with high water level alarm
  • Handrails: Made of alloyed aluminium
  • Mooring bits: One bollard forward each side and one bollard aft each side
  • Material: Casted Aluminum
  • Metal fittings: Non corrosive materials
The price of our seabus starts from 430.000 Euro

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