Rentalboat - Glassbottomboat

A glassbottomboat is a watercraft with sections of glass (or other suitable transparent material) below the waterline allowing passengers to observe the underwater environment from within the boat. The view through the glass bottom is much better than simply looking into the water from above, because one does not have to look through optically erratic surface disturbances. The effect is similar to that achieved by a diving mask, while the passengers are able to stay dry, out of the water. Glassbottomboats are used almost exclusively for giving tours, as they are usually designed to allow the maximum number of tourists to view out the glass bottom and are not really suitable for other uses.

Glassbottomboats are in use in nearly every seaside tourist destination. However many of them are gradually being replaced by semi-submarines. These type of vessels offer a better view of the marine life. This small glass-bottom-boat gives you the opportunity to show your guest the amazing underwater world of your destination. It is small and easy to handle. So the invest is very easy to return back into a big win.

Technical Specifications for rentalboat "Glassbottomboat":

  • LOA 6,55 mt
  • Max-Beam 3,5 mt
  • Full load draft 0,77 mt
  • Capacity: 1 person (crew) + 14 persons (guests)
  • Material: GRP
  • Max. HP: 40 HP (outboard, diesel engines or double electric engines)
  • Shape: Trimaran
  • Certfications: CE
  • The central semi-submerged hull is designed for the submarine observation
  • The deck is made in antiskid fiberglass
  • The outer sides of the boat are provided with handrails for the passengers`safety
  • Helm station with double-lever steering
  • The deck seating consists of single seats or benches
  • The submerged cabin flooring is made of antiskid marine plywood
  • The bilge pump is located in a special housing
  • Access to the submerged cabin is possible both from bow and from stern
  • The standard motorization consists of two outboard motors
  • The watercraft is provided with a special anchor housing
  • The watercraft is provided with an awning shading all the passengers area
  • The collective rescue equipment is located at stern next ti the engine housings
  • The watercraft is provided with morring cleats both at stern and at bow.
  • It comes with a special tank to collect pumped water and accidental fuel leackage, as per CE94/25 rules

    Equipment of our rental-boat "Glassbottomboat":

  • steering unit
  • battery circuit breaker
  • one 90 AMP battery
  • 17 individual life vests
  • one 8-people liferafts
  • two fire extinguishers
  • one boat hook
  • smoke and light signals
  • two dan duoys
  • horn
  • bilge pump
  • night navigation lights

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