Rent a boat - BBQ Donut

Our rentalboat "Donut" is a funny watercraft for renting out, especially for a private party with a maximum of ten persons. To use "Donut" as a rentalboat is a very efficient opportunity to earn money with several options:

Renting the donut out and get a rental-fee
Selling food and drinks to the guests on the donut
Renting out the attractive advertisement space

With this rental boat and its equipments you can attract more guests moreover even win guests you would never win without our rent-a-boat "Donut".

Technical specification for rent-a-boat "DONUT":

  • Dimensions: 3,60 mt x 2,80 mt
  • Light weight: 500 kg
  • Total tonnage: 1.500 kg
  • Max. Speed: 3-4 km/h
  • Capacity: max. 10 persons
  • Storage boxes: 6 units with 48 liter
  • Handholds: 10 units with 100 kg toughness
  • Sunshade Construction: Stainless steel, V4a, the sunshade can be brought into different positions and can be fold very fast( for windy conditions)
  • Wind toughness: Open sunshade until wind strenth 4, above that the sunshade has to be closed. Above the wind strength 6 the donut is not useable
  • Sea state: Smooth handling until a wave height of 40-50 cm
  • Type of engine: Electro-outboard motor (Torqeedo Travel 400)
  • Grill unit: Low-smoking charcoal-ball-bbq from Outdoorchef

    Material of rental-boat " Donut ":

  • Main floating body: PE with a very strong UV protection as well as an antistatic additive.
  • Seats, storage boxes, shields, grill table, table feet: ABS PMMA with UV-protection coat, high closs finished and pick insensitive surface
  • Sunshade rack: V4a, partly welded or connected with eachother by aluminium clamps
  • Sunshade: Transclucent cloth, waterproof, fire protection class B1, can be printed with advertisement

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