New Parasailing Boat / Winchboat


History of Parascending Platform Winchboats

The first parachute was developed by Pierre-Marcel Lemoigne in 1961. Lemoigne is a well known developer of ParaCommander-type of parachutes known as "ParaCommander" or PC-canopies. The date when a parachute was first towed is not known; one of the first mentions in history is a flight by Colonel Michel Tournier from France flying behind a tractor in the same year - 1961. In 1963 Jacques-André Istel from Pioneer Parachute Company bought a license from Lemoigne to manufacture and sell the invention with a name "parasail". Mc Culloh’s most successful invention was called the winchboat, which he patented in 1976. In the 1980’s he made its commercial-debut. Today nearly all parasailing operators use winchboats equipped with a PTO (power-take-off), which uses the boat's engine to drive a hydraulic winch. The combination of these two designs ushered in the era of widespread commercial parasailing.

Here is all information about new parasailingboats: (To view our recent stock about used parasailingboats for sale please click here: used parasailing-boat)

Custom Made Parasailingboats

In the 21th century everybody speaks about personalization and individualization, the same fashion you can also find in our branch; commercial - watersport. Clients are individual, destinations are different and the clientele of the parasailing operators are unique. That is why years ago we decided not to produce standard performed parasailingboats. We would only produce personalized boats; meaning CUSTOM MADE winchboats. Each client decides his own main. Some of them want to have their parascendingboat equipped as a tour-boat; some of them want to be the fastest parasailingboat in the area while some of them want to make fun trips with their parasail-boat.

Whatever your aim is – we can and will produce the parasailing-boat for that aim

On this page we want to give you a small overview about the interior and exterior options of your new parasailingboat:

Included parasailingboat equipment for all boat types:

  • Some chrome frames
  • Fuel tank
  • White seat upholstery
  • 2 x PARASAILING sticker
  • Material: Fiberglass (Kevlar on request)
  • Navigation lights
  • CE certification

Which Parasailing Boat Type?

Winchboat Bunkjo

Winchboat Alma

      • Length 10,50 meter
      • Beam 2,98 meter
      • Draft 0,68 meter
      • Length 10,20 mt
      • Beam 2,85 mt
      • Draft 0,55 mt

16 persons

12 persons

Weight: 1.680 kg

Weight: 1.200 kg

View more pictures in our parasailing gallery

View more pictures in our parasailing gallery

Which Engine?

All kind of inboard engines, diesel or gasoline, in a range from 250 HP to 640 HP are available for our winchboats.

Which Drive?

Z-Drive ( Stern Drive), V-Drive or Jet Turbine

Our partner for parasailing is:

Parasailing Boat - Alp Aksu

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