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History and business of MURAL YACHTS

MURAL YACHTS are 100% custom built wooden yachts, designed to reflect the unique taste and requirements of our clients. While our design team with 13 years of experience offers innovative solutions to maximize the comfort and performance on all orders. They also provide useful insights into the rules and regulations of yacht construction that meet international standards such as Lloyds.

Using the lastest techniques in woodcrafting and only the finest quality epoxy materials, we are proud to deliver top-of-the-line wooden yachts of all categories from our shipyard in Tuzla, Istanbul. On time delivery of yachts is one of the top priorities in our business model. We achieve timely delivery by providing our clients with a detailed construction schedule that illustrates the different levels of progress. MURAL YACHTS are designed and built with passion and incalculable attention to each detail.

MURAL YACHTS was created in 2005 by Mr. Cetin Yuceulug and his two sons who share a common passion for the sea and boat building. As a prominent businessman with over 30 years of work experience in multinational companies, Mr. Yuceulug believed that the project management and client relationship structures which exist in larger multinational organizations should also be implemented in the boat construction industry to raise standards and ensure satisfied clients.The journey into yacht construction started in 1990 when the company's founders built their first traditional wooden yacht.

Later in 2002 this was replaced by a larger model of 21 meter in length which underwent a complete refit to become one of the most eye-catching and stylish wooden yachts in Turkey. The direct involvement of the founders in both the construction and refit of these yachts gave them an invaluable training on the technical side of the trade and allowed them to become the ideal client relation managers. Every project received by MURAL YACHTS therefore goes all the way to the top management level before approval.

 Serenity 86


 Armalle 24

Armalle 36

History and business of ARMALLE YACHTS

We constitute the sales division of ARMALLE Yachts. It is a brand new company, located in the heart of Gulets-construction, in Bozburun, Turkey. It is founded as a Gulet boatyard on 4.500 qm directly at the sea in the luxury segment of the Gulet market. This is why they chose the most famous Gulet boat designer here in Turkey as their boat designer, Tanju Kalayciouglu. Their gulets are all made from wood with the newest technology, which is available in the market. They are adding the highest standard of luxury in the world to the feeling of a traditional wooden Gulet. Everything is possible in their Gulets, only to satisfy our clients┬┤ dreams. They have two different types and sizes of boat Gulets; 24 m and 36 m.

As you can see, we are well equipped and employed professionally with the famous boat-designers in Turkey

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