Multi Cruiser - Tour Boat

Our new Multi Cruiser offers a new creative and multifunctional design based on high quality standards for all materials. The Multi Cruiser is suitable for a variety of usages, like fishing, touring and transportation (taxi boat). For the easy handling and comfortable usage; we designed a 1.95 cm high head room, a cabin cockpit, an outside cockpit and comfortable seats in the front, in the closed cabin and in the bag area. Sliding door in the back provides a wide space for seats. Experience our new Multi Cruiser!

Our Multi Cruiser is 10.10 m and 3 m wide. The seating arrangements are: 5 passengers + 1 crew (indoors), 8 passengers in front area and 4 on the backside (outdoors). It can be equipped with heater/ air condition, fridge, toilet, shower, small cooking area and many more.

You can use this boat as a tour boat, a fishing boat, a taxi boat; it is multifunctional.

Please view our photo gallery and get a better impression for our new boat by clicking this link: GALLERY