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These boats are made of rigid materials - often, fiber glass. Dive Day boats are quite large: typically, between 30 to 90 feet (10 to 27 m) in length. Many day boats are used for scuba-divers, but may also be used for any other marine enthusiasts. In general, divers or passengers will spend only the daylight hours on a day boat, and do not usually sleep in them overnight. Generally a professional crew navigates and operates the boat. The boat provides shelter from the weather and is likely to have various facilities and area's for the passengers, such as: a toilet (called the "head") and a small kitchen (called a "galley"), which is often manned by a cook who cooks lunch for all on the boat. Day-boats usually also have a lounge (called a "saloon", where divers can relax on upholstered benches), and one or more dining tables.

Many Dive Day boats also have an uncovered sun-deck outside, as well as a shaded area, for divers wishing to be out in the open air. The Diveboat will usually have a diving air compressor, oxygen first aid, a VHF radio, a GPS and possibly gas blending facilities. In the case of divers, a day boat would be used to ferry divers to multiple dive-sites (typically between one and three sites) during the same day. The divers enter the water by stepping off a platform and return to the boat using a ladder or a lift. Or they may transfer to and from a RIB ("Zodiac" (tm) or "rubber-duck" type inflatable boat).

A dive boat is a boat that scuba divers use to reach a diving site which they could not reach by swimming from land.

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Dive boat features = Features that make a boat suitable for use by divers are:

  • Marine VHF radio
  • Oxygen first aid
  • Diving shot