Commercial Watercraft is our Name and our Industry

Our company is under German - Turkish Management and based in Turkey. We are specialized in all kinds of commercial watercrafts and commercial water sports equipment.
  • Boat Manufacturer
  • Boat Dealer
  • Business Consultant
  • Product Distributor
Our specialties are parasailing (also named as parasail, parachute ascensionnel or parascending), diving also named as scuba-diving or simpler dive, water-ski / wakeboarding, rental-boats, tender-boats, taxi boats, tour boats or touring boats and Gulet, Ketch, Trandil or Motor sailor.

Water Sport Professionals produce for professional Water Sport Centers!

Boat Yard of Commercial Watercraft - TDA Marin Ltd.

Taxiboat / Seabus / Tenderboat Shuttle Boat

Our specialist for parasailing is Mr. Alp Aksu with his company " Parasailingboat - Alp Aksu", Marmaris. He is a Professional since 20 years already. His company produces parasailing-boats, parasail-winches, boat-trailer for special usages, parasail and parasail equipment. Further, he sells and buys secondhand parasail boats. Get more details about parasailing:

Here are all kind of boats for passenger sea transportation, such as Seabus, Tender boats, Shuttle boats  - or Taxi boats.

Learn more about the difference between taxiboats, shuttleboats and tenderboats. You can also see our sea-roller which can be used as tender-boat; our taxiboat which can be used for commercial transports up to 11 persons and our shuttle boat, used for passenger transportation for longer distance and for more persons.

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Waterski / Wakeboard / Towboat

Rentalboat / Rent a boat

Our specialist for waterski / wakeboard towboats is Enmarine, Istanbul. They designed a new skiboat, which is made by professional waterski drivers for professional waterski drivers. We are proud to present ourselves as the international distributor for Enmarine.Get more details about our waterskiboat:
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In this section of our webpage we present watercrafts which are usable for renting or for special water-operations:

rental - rentalboats - renting - boats for rent - speedboat - jetman - donut - boat-renting - fisherboat - speedboat - sportboat - rental boat - rent-boat

Touring Boat / Glassbottomboat

Motorsailor / Gulet / Ketch / Trandil

Here you find several Touring Boats, such as Glass Bottom Boats or our multifunctional Fishing Multi Cruiser. Learn more about tour boats and  click here: 

multicruiser - touring - tourboats - glassbottomboat - tourboat - yachtchartering - yachtcharter - fisherboat - touringboats - speedboat - sportboat - touring boats - tour boat

Our partners for Gulet motorsailors are ARMA Gulets and Mural Yachts, both located in Istanbul. They are both specialized in design and construction of high-performance luxury motorsailors. Further we offer second hand luxury motorsailors or so called Gulets or Ketchs. To get more details about Gulets and our recent used yacht offers, view our pages:

  • Gulet - Information about Motorsailor, Ketch, Gulet and Trandil
  • new Gulet - Details about Gulet Constructions
  • used Gulet - Recent available second hand Motor Sailors

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Diving / Dive Boat

We build self running and custom made beachtrailers which are able to bring a 14 meter boat out of the water even on sandy or pebbly beaches and muddy areas. The boat-trailers whose sizes change between 6-14 meters can pull up to 7 tons of weight. More details here:

boat trailer - beach trailer - boat trailers - beach trailers 

In this section of our webpage are Information about Diving Boats and needed equipment and also about our Diver 35.

Dive-boat - All about necessary items for Diving / Dive
Diver 35 - Detailed Information about our new Diving Boat
diveboat - dive - divers - diveboats - diving - fisherboat - touringboats - dive boat - touring boats - tour boat - dive boats - diving                                                                                   

Extraordinary Boat Specials

Business Sales

Here, you can see only extraordinary  projects, those which you cannot find so common, for example: our submarine restaurant. Learn more about our specials,  and click here:

We show commercial watersport businesses for sale. If you want to advertise your sale or if you are looking for a new investment, you can have a look. Please click here: 

Business Consultants

Contact us if you have questions about commercial watercrafts. We are worldwide the only experts with this kind of expertise
In this part of our webpage you find all our contact details. Feel free to ask your questions, we are looking forward to answer you by phone or by email

Partner Links 

Our business and cooperation partners are very important for us. That is why you can find all of their links, released in our webpage:

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